You Know You Are a Bad Beach Volleyball Player When…

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Here is a common list to tell you if you are a bad beach volleyball player:

1. The most frequent words from your partner are, “Don’t worry, you’ll get the next one.”

2. The sound following your hits is the sound of hitting tape


3. Your partner refuses to rematch with you



4. People only asks you to play 6s



5. Your sets look like you are shooing away a fly



6. Your main offensive weapon is a 1 ball



7. You’re not sure if you hit better with your left or right hand




8. A terrible point is scored and you say, “I knew that would work.”



9. You think the ball is actually capable of lying



10. You tell people you pass better with your feet than your forearms



Of course, this list is just for fun and everyone has bad days. Just remember, if you are having a bad day, don’t worry, you’ll get the next one.

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