Beach Volleyball Leagues

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The recent announcement made by Dr. Henry revealed BC’s restart plan which includes the return of indoor adult games as early as June 15th. We’re beyond excited to finally have this opportunity to invite everyone back!


Co‑ed/Mixed 4’s

Play with friends and family! Our 4’s league is a mixture of all skill levels and ages. Please note that Co-ed 4’s require 2 male and 2 female players. Mixed 4’s may consist of any number of male and/or female players as long as there are 4 players on the court.

Co‑ed 2’s

Co-ed 2’s allow each player to get more touches while challenging them with speed, anticipation and communication. Team’s are required to have 2 players of each gender. All ages and skill levels welcome!

Kings/Queens of the Beach

Kings and Queens have a different format compared to our other leagues. Please note that you register as an individual player and NOT a team. Each court has 5 players and everyone will take turn teaming up and playing against each other! You do not play with the same partner every game, instead your partner will change each game. At the end of the night each individual will tally up their wins and point differences. The top 2 players from each court will move up one court, 3rd player remains on the court and the bottom 2 players move down one court.

For questions or concerns regarding leagues, please email