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Format Type of League Day Of Week Start Time Start Date Status Session 1
4’s Co-ed 4’s Thursday 6:30pm Sept 19th $576.00
4’s Co-ed 4’s B Monday 7:45pm Sept 9th $576.00
4’s Co-ed 4’s A/B Monday 9:15pm Sept 9th $576.00
4’s Co-ed 4’s Thursday 8:00pm Sept 19th $576.00
4’s Comp Co-ed 4’s Tuesday 8:00pm Sept 10th $640.00
4’s Mixed 4’s Wednesday 8:00pm Sept 11th $640.00
2’s Co-ed 2’s A/B Thursday 5:00pm Sept 19th $280.00
2’s Co-ed 2’s A/B Tuesday 4:30pm Sept 10th $280.00
2’s King of the Beach Tuesday 6:10pm/9:30pm Sept 10th $235.00
2’s Queen of the Beach Wednesday 6:10pm/9:30pm Sept 11th $235.00

Session 1 Draws

League Info & Format: Co-ed 2’s, 4’s and Mixed 4’s:

  • Leagues will be re-seeded after 2-3 league nights depending if you’re in an 8 team or 10 team league
  • Each league has 2 pools, a top pool, and a lower pool. Teams will play most of their matches among their own pool and some crossing over with teams in the other pool for 10 team leagues.
  • This format allows for teams to play against teams that are closest to their level. This means that there will be fewer blowouts and closer matches.  However, the drawback is that there will be less variety in matches.

King and Queen of the Beach:

  • Top 5 Courts are at 6:10 PM, bottom 5 courts are at 9:30 PM
  • Each court has 5 players, 1st and 2nd place goes up 1 court, the 3rd place stays and 4th/5th drops 1 court.
  • Each player may have 1 designated sub for the season. No person can be a designated sub for more than 1 team. Designated subs may not change through a single league session, with the exception of extenuating circumstances.

League Rules:

  • Rules can be found on our website, please take time to read and ask any question you may have 
  • We will maintain the in house service rule.

Can’t attend a game and in need of a sub?Please ensure you start the process of looking for a sub as soon as you know. If you’ve exhausted all your options you may email me and I can try to help.  But I am not a miracle worker, so please let me know at least 24 hours in advance. There are consequences for failure to give us notice.
Make sure you have access to the sub-finder group, this is the number 1 place to find subs: