VIDEO: How to Skyball

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A skyball is not a very common serve and is mostly used for show and crowd pleasing. At large events, the crowd will typically yell out, “SKYBALL” at game or match point. Landing a successful, high skyball is almost as exciting as a hole-in-one or hitting a home run.

To have an effective in-game skyball there are natural elements that need to be factored in:

– The sun is near it’s peak in the sky to cause temporary loss of vision on the ball.

– The sun should be at your back, making sure your opponents are looking in to it.

– Wind to cause the ball to “dance” back and forth on it’s way down.

– Accounting for the direction and strength of the wind to tailer the aim of your serve.

Important things to remember when doing a skyball:

– Do not do it during an important, close match.

– Use your legs to get extra height on the ball (even jumping to increase power).

– Do not emphasize on aiming at a certain player, emphasize on targeting the center of the opponent’s side of the court.

– Hitting the court has a low success rate (compared to normal serves). Do not be upset with a missed serve.

Some players choose to practice their skyballs consistently and because of that they have found their own unique techniques that make their serve more accurate and successful. Taking time to practice a skyball does merit its benefits and can help to improve your game.  In all, the skyball is just a good skill to add to your arsenal.

Use these tips provided as a starting point and remember, even if it goes two courts over, the crowd will still love you.

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