Victoria Day Tournament Results

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13 teams came indoors on a long weekend to play in a social co-ed 2’s tournament.  Kudos to the couple of new teams for stepping up to their first 2’s tournament!  It really was a tournament of friends as it comprised of many 6 Pack regulars and 3 staff members.  Not to mention, Steve (a 6 Pack Staff Member), won the tournament with his partner Krista.  The winners of Tier 1, Tier 2 and the runner ups from Tier 1 walked away with sweet prizes including shirts from Leftside and tickets to World League.

We hope to run more co-ed 2’s tournament through the summer so stay tuned to the Tournaments Page!

Tier 1

1. Steve and Krista

2. Jeremy and Roz

3. Pat and Nanni

4. Joel and Amelia

5. Chris and Sandy // Nick and Mitra

Tier 2

1. Lisa and Busty

2. Elise and Tim

3. We Showed up

4. Beach Bums

5. Barry and Jenna // Virgin 2’s

7. KD

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