These clinics will help you develop the skills you see other artists using when creating sand masterpieces on the beach. You will get a better understanding of how it’s all done and then you will have the opportunity to practice on your own work.
For more information on these sand scultpure clinics, be sure to call in at 604-321-6800

David Billings

David Billings is the owner and creative director for Sandemons – Sand Sculpture Company and has been a professional sand sculptor with over 20 years experience sculpting in sand, pumpkins and other mediums.  Sandemons – Sand Sculpture Company is a high quality and organized sand sculpture company, creating world class sculpture attractions indoors and outdoors for theme parks, shopping centers, corporate clients and major events nationally and internationally.


Delayne Corbett

Delayne Corbett is a Vancouver based freelance sculptor with over 20 years of experience. He works all over Canada and Internationally sculpting sand, snow and ice and stone.