Youth Beach Volleyball League – 2’s U13,U14,U15,U16

2019 Dates: TBD

This league is for athletes who want to play beach volleyball regularly once a week to keep up their volleyball skills or to prepare for tournaments this summer. Athletes must join as a team of 2 and have a good grasp of the volleyball game, with at least 1 year of indoor club experience or 2 years of high school.

In beach volleyball, there is no coaching allowed during matches, and athletes are required to ref their own games, keep score and record their scores to the draw board. This league is a great introduction to some of the tournament formalities athletes will experience in the Volleyball BC Summer Tournaments.

Each week, the league coach will lead the group through a warm-up and highlighting important components to the beach volleyball game. At 5:45pm games start. Athletes will get to play 2 full matches of 21-21-15 and must ref 1 match.

After game play, teams are ranked 1st - 3rd on their court. Team ranking 1st will ladder up towards court 1, 2nd place stays, and 3rd team will ladder down towards court 5 for the next week of play.

This format allows teams of similar calibre will play against each other. The ladder system will sort teams into the correct skill level. Courts 1-2 will be at Women's height and the latter 3 nets at 15U girls height.