Meal Prep Program

Meal Prep for Every Tuesday

For a limited time, we’re offering free delivery within Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby!

Pre-order  5 individually packed meals for delivery every Tuesday,  This is a set menu. Click on the link to order

All our meals will have a cooked weight of 5 oz protein source, 2 oz veggies, and 4.5 oz carbs source.  All our meals will be low sodium and lean meats.   Keto and Vegetarian meals options available.  For additional food and beverage orders please call cafe between 11AM-2:30PM Monday-Friday.

Meal Prep Order deadline Sunday 3PM Every week for the Tuesday order

Thank you for your interest in our Meal Prep Program and continued support for 6Pack!

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5 Pack Meal Preps


10 Pack Meal Prep


20 Pack Meal Prep

For additional food and beverage orders please call cafe between 11AM-2:30PM Monday-Friday