A: We try to maintain it at a comfortable temperature of 18C especially when people are playing.  On special request and during a full facility rental we can heat the facility to 28C+ for a more tropical feel.

A: The ceiling heights are 33 +ft from sand to the ceiling!

A: A company contracted from the US government rented the whole facility when we first opened and was testing some top-secret robots in the sand.  #Transformers #RobotsInDisguise

A: Indoor beaches exist all over the world and here in Raincouver we definitely needed one. They are all over Europe, Asia, the US, eastern Canada even Australia has a dozen.  We wanted to build a fun place for people of all ages to hang out, make friends and be active.

A: We have over 700 metric tonnes of beach volleyball sand.

A: Yes, we maintain the courts everyday for about 2 hours.  On a Monthly basis it also takes roughly 6 hours per court to deep clean the courts with a 2-3 person crew.   If you would like more information on how the process works, we are always looking for volunteers to help with sand maintenance.  


A: Mitchell Island actually belongs to the City of Richmond but geographically we are closer to Vancouver.  Here's some more information on how to get here.

A: Unfortunately we do not have a pool in our facility. But, we do have a water station to fill your buckets up or to rinse your feet off.