6 Pack Indoor Beach

Welcome to 6Pack Indoor Beach Centre, probably the most modern indoor beach facility located in North America. Amenities include full showers, a foot wash station, meeting room,  BBQ grills, HDTV with 50inch screen, 15 dynamic range stereo system with dual subs, free WiFi, a ping pong table and decorative night themed lighting. We are fun in a box, a spacious 18,000 sf. facility, 33 ft high ceilings and 5 FIVB sized beach courts.  6Pack Beach offers some of the best beach volleyball serving Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, and the GVRD area.  Guaranteed rain-free.


With more than 700 metric tons of sand covering over 5 full sized volleyball courts, 6Pack Indoor Beach will cater towards just about every type of beach-themed idea possible to your mind! We’ve hosted birthdays, multi-sport tournaments, full facility corporate events.. the list goes on! No rain, No sunburns, No glass or bottle caps; Just top quality sand, full facility surround sound speaker systems, and tons of great times to be had! Our facility is truly one of a kind for people of all ages. As long as you have an idea, 6Pack will work with you to meet that expectation. Contact us for your next amazing experience!


We opened 6Pack Indoor Beach because there was a great need to satisfy Vancouver’s craving for beach sports and activities year round.  The rise in popularity of beach sports around the world and in Vancouver, have increased over the years as people become more aware of all the benefits of playing on the sand.


Open 7 days a week


*facility subject to close earlier if not enough attendance, please call by 11:00pm for options to stay open.