Beach tennis is the hottest new sport in Europe and the US.

6Pack Beach is helping Tennis BC bring the sport to the shores of BC.

Previously showcased at Kits Fest, what’s beach tennis?

Combine the fun, social part of beach volleyball and the fast pace of tennis.  Beach tennis can now be played year round.   It is much easier to learn than tennis; beginners can get a rally going within minutes of play for the first time.  Anyone that’s tried tennis, badminton, or squash can start a game going immediately.

Beach tennis is played on a regulation sized beach volleyball court.  2 to 4 players on a team volley back and forth without letting the ball bounce.  You are allowed one hit per team and points are scored when the ball is hit outside the court lines or touches the ground.

Beach tennis is played with specially designed paddles and, a less bouncy, de-pressurized tennis ball that makes it easier to keep a rally going.  The fact that there’s more volleying involved in this sport reduces the tennis elbow effect of always going for big swings associated with a rigorous game of regular tennis.  The sand adds extra cushioning for joints – especially ankles and knees and the ability to do dives that you probably wouldn’t do on concrete.

The International Tennis Federation acknowledges it as an up and coming sport internationally.