Archery Tag vs. Paintball vs. Dodgeball

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Two other games rival Archery Tag as close competitors: paintball and dodgeball. These sports have been around for a long time now and have grown in popularity among enthusiasts and new players. Archery Tag is relatively new in the world of competitive/social sporting.

Archery Tag combines the skill of archery, with the thrill of hunting man, all while being incredibly safe. Games can be won 3 ways: eliminating all opposing players, knocking out all 5 of the opposing targets, having the most surviving players at the end of the round.

Below is a chart showing a quick comparison on the layout of the games and how they are played. Check it out and see if the game is for you!

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Archery Tag Paintball Dodgeball
Pace Medium Fast Slow
Common Injuries Little to None Mulitple Bruising Thrown out Arm
Equipment Needed Bow/ Arrow/ Mask/ Wrist Guard Marker/ Paintballs/ Mask/ Neck Guard/ Knee Pads/ Coveralls/ Gloves/ Chest Guard Dodgeballs
Field of Play Small – Medium w/ Obstacles Medium – Large w/ Obstacles Small w/ no Obstacles
Players per Team 4 to 8 8 to 16 6 to 10
Time per Round 12 Minutes 20+ Minutes 3 Minutes




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