6Pack Indoor Beach is the #1 Place to Go When it Snows!

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6Pack Indoor Beach is proud to announce its #1 ranking in things to do in Vancouver when it snows. 

Just think of that miserable feeling of being wet, cold, and in terrifying danger of being run over by a panicked driver the moment there is  more than 5 mm of snow overlying our beautiful city of Vancouver.

This is why lots of us opt to stay inside when the weather is gross out. But you can’t hide inside your home forever. At some point you’re going to feel restless, bored, and run out of things to do at home.

Not to fear! 6Pack Indoor beach will come to your rescue and give you a slice of summer in our heated indoor beach facility. Bring your flip flops, bikinis, and brace yourself for some fun in the sand!

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Hate the Snow? 12 Indoor Things to Do in Vancouver When It Snows

by Dana Lynch in Town on January 19, 2012


Here’s a bunch of pictures of animals also hating snow!