Serving Rule

  • The server must not serve Player A more than 2 times in a row during their serve. If Player A is served a 3rd time, that serve is a wash and a re-serve takes place.
  • Server must serve Player B once OR ace player B once before going back to Player A in a service run.
  • If the serve is aced down the seem, that serve will count as a point and will also count as a serve to player B.


  • Open handed tipping is NOT allowed


  • A block DOES count as a touch.


  • A ball may be volleyed while digging a hard driven ball and on the 2nd and 3rd touch.
  • Shoulders, hips, and knees must be square to the direction of the ball while setting over the net.
  • A Serve, free ball or a non-hard driven ball may not be received with a volley. However, these balls may be received overhead. Hands DO NOT need to be touching on an overhead pass, but it does need to be percussive, not a carry, and not a double.

Net Touches are not allowed.

Under the Net

  • A player is allowed to go under the net as long as he/she does not interfere with play or with any other players


Sand Cleanliness

  • Please do NOT spit in the sand
    • Use the foot wash station or sinks in the bathroom
  • Keep ALL belongings off of the sand
    • This includes bags, clothing, towels, food, drinks, and water bottle

Good Sportsmanship

  • Team members should make it their own responsibility to call their own faults, and the faults of their teammates.
  • Re-serve the ball if there are any point discrepancies.


  • Teams which fail too show up on time for their matches will be penalized accordingly
  • Late 15mins – lose 1 set by default
  • Late 30mins – lose 2 sets by default
  • Late 45mins – Team will be charged $20.
  • No show first offence – lose priority registration
  • No show second offence – Team will be charged $50


  • King and Queens League: Each player may have 1 official sub. This official sub can move their player up and down. All other subs cannot move the player up and the best they can do is stay.
  • Official subs may only be the official sub for 1 team per league.
  • Co-ed 2’s – Teams may have subs through the season. During playoffs, subs are only eligible to play if they have played at least 1 game in the season.

Troubleshooting a Problem

    • If there are any issues, please approach the league coordinator.
    • Contact Rob ( if the problem is unresolved