Please join our Drop-in Facebook Page for the most up to date drop-in Schedule.  This is updated weekly.

Our Drop-in Report is posted twice per week on our 6 Pack Volleyball Drop-in
Facebook page. To check out the drop-in times click here.

Drop-in is an individual cost that allows you to come play on whichever courts that are not rented. Groups may rent courts last minute (depending on volume of drop-in players), so our court availability for drop-ins may change without notice. We will update our court availability on the 6Pack Volleyball Drop-in page as best we can to keep you informed of any last minute bookings.

Our drop-in option allows a great opportunity to get some really good volleyball in for a low price. You can stay for hours as long as the courts are available. For busy drop-in times, you will need to share the courts either by challenge, rotation, or by time.
All drop-ins can come 7 days a week with specials on mid week nights!

Drop In times may vary please call us at 604-321-6800 for the most up-to-date schedule. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Regular Drop-in Fees (Tax Included)

Adult $15.00
Youth (under 18 with ID) $10.00
Senior (60+ with ID) $10.00

Weekly Specials

Wednesday: Hump day $10.00 Everybody (10:00am-5:00pm)
Thursday: Ladies Night $15.00 for men, $5 for ladies 
Punch card: 11-time pass $130.00 ($11.82 / session)