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Format Type of League Day Of Week Start Time Start Date Status Session 1
4’s Co-ed 4’s Thursday 6:30pm Sept 19th $576.00
4’s Co-ed 4’s B Monday 7:45pm Sept 9th $576.00
4’s Co-ed 4’s A/B Monday 9:15pm Sept 9th $576.00
4’s Co-ed 4’s Thursday 8:00pm Sept 19th $576.00
4’s Comp Co-ed 4’s Tuesday 8:00pm Sept 10th $640.00
4’s Mixed 4’s Wednesday 8:00pm Sept 11th $640.00
2’s Co-ed 2’s A/B Thursday 5:00pm Sept 19th $280.00
2’s Co-ed 2’s A/B Tuesday 4:30pm Sept 10th $280.00
2’s King of the Beach Tuesday 6:10pm/9:30pm Sept 10th $235.00
2’s Queen of the Beach Wednesday 6:10pm/9:30pm Sept 11th $235.00