Royal League Explained

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New this season is our Royal League!

Men and women players will register as an individuals and everyone will play together.  The league seeds players based on skill level (See seeding section below).  Gender, does not matter in this league, only skill and results.  Each pool/court can have any combination of men and women on the court.

This league will comprise of both men and women played on the co-ed height net.  This league will be great for intermediate to upper intermediate player’s.

There will be 4 people per court.  Players will get to play 3 matches of 2 sets to 21 points or 30mins.  The league is 1.5 hours.  Warm-up may start as early as 4:30pm with matches starting at 5pm sharp.

If you have any questions email

Schedule of play

5:00 pm           1&2 Vs 3&4

5:30 pm           2&3 Vs 1&4

6:00 pm           2&4 Vs 3&1

Teams will play 2 sets to 21pts.  There will be no tie breaker match, win’s will be counted by points difference.


Alternating week seeding

Odd Weeks 1st and 2nd goes up, 3rd and 4th move down

Even Weeks 1st goes up, 2 and 3 stay and 4th moves down

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