Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

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FAQ #1: Is the 6 Pack Facility Heated? YES! We try to keep the temperature between 18 to 21 degrees and we can heat it up to 28 degrees.

FAQ #2: Is there water in your facility? There isn’t any water you can swim in. However, there is plenty of water for drinking and washing.

FAQ #3: Where are you located? We are located on Mitchell Island just under the north end of the Knight St Bridge in Richmond.  For bus’s that service the area, a interactive video or a map, check out our website:

FAQ #4: What does your facility look like? Take a virtual tour on google maps street view!

FAQ #5: What activities are included in the kids birthday packages? Pirate Treasure Hunt, Soccer, Tug O war, Beach Ball Volleyball, Parachute, Sand Castle building contests and more!

 FAQ #6: What is a “6 Pack”?

A 6 Pack is most commonly referred to a stomach that has a visibly defined rectus abdominus muscle.

In the volleyball ball world, a 6 Pack means getting hit in the face with a ball. Back in the old days, if a defender was hit in the face by a hitter, he/she will owe the hitter a 6 pack of beers.

FAQ #7: Where can I find your drop-in and rental availability schedule? We post our most up to date schedule 2-3 times/week on our 6 Pack Drop-in Group. If you don’t have Facebook, call us at 604-321-6800.

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