Classic Beach Party Package

2-Hour Package for Kids 18 and under

What's Included?

  • 1hr 30mins on one beach court for fun and games (2600sf sand area)
  • Reserved party area with 2 tables for the duration of the party (2 hrs total)

What will the kids be doing?

  • We provide sand toys, nets, balls, and sports equipment for volleyball, soccer, dodgeball, sand castle building and free play. Add a coordinator to help you organize relay races, treasure hunt, tug-o-war and parachute games. 

How many kids are included?

  • Includes 12 kids.  May add up to 6 additional kids.
  • Maximum 26 total guests (kids and adults, infants not included) per package.
  • EXAMPLE: If you have 14 Kids, you'll pay $10 per extra kid (Total $20), and you're only allowed to have 12 adults on site.
  • Book a double package and be able to double the size of your party. 

Food and Drinks

  • Feel free to bring your own food and drinks.


Monday - Friday
Saturday & Sunday

Double or triple the size of your party by adding another package. Receive an additional $40 off per package added on. 

Archery Tag Party

2-Hour Package for 12-18 years old (12+ to under 19yrs old)

What's included?

  • 30-minute safety orientation, waivers, and equipment practice
  • 1 hour game play
  • Safety gear (mask, wrist guards), and all equipment (bows, arrows, targets, bunkers)
  • Referee
  • Reserved party area with 1 picnic table for the duration of the party (2 hrs total)

How many people are included?

  • Includes 8 players (4 additional players max) per package.
  • Maximum 18 total guests (kids and adults, infants not included) per package.

Food, Drinks and Decorations:

  • Guests may bring food, drinks and decorations.




8 Players
Additional Players


  • $45 - Counselor for coordinated activities (1.5 hours)
  • $30 - Extra Table
  • $10 - Beach Party Additional child/guest. Infants (18 months and under) are free.
  • $40 - Additional half hour
  • $15 - Picnic settings for 12 (plates, forks, cups, napkins, and tablecloths)
  • $28 - Bouquet of 12 Latex Balloons: Helium filled (Must book 24 hours in advance)
  • $4   - 2 Tablecloths
  • Starting at $250 - Inflatable Bouncer 

Party Invitations

Making party invitations is a chore. We can take care of that for you!

Classic party invitation:

Print & Fold Party Invitation

If you want to save those trees and send an electronic invite instead:

Email-Friendly Party Invitation

Make sure your guests are able to get to your party:

Check our Getting Here page for the best directions on how to arrive at our facility.

Booking Policies

6 Pack Beach reserves the right to assign parties to any court or table.
6 Pack may hold your unconfirmed/tentative booking without a deposit for up to 4 days given there is at least 14 days until your event.

All bookings require a confirmation deposit that is non-refundable

You may reschedule your party without a penalty if notice is given 7 days prior to date of rental; Parties requesting party counselors who do not cancel or reschedule minimum 48 hours in advanced will be subject to $20 counselor cancellation fee.

Prices do not include taxes and gratuity.

Cancellations made by customers with less than 7 day notice will have their deposit forfeited. Cancellations made with more than 7 days notice will be given store credit that does not expire for one year of the original booking.

Counselors must be booked with at least 7 days notice.

Will sand toys be provided?

Yes. We have lots of toys for the kids to use in sand castle building. We also have a variety of equipment: volleyballs, beach balls, dodgeballs, soccer nets, tug of war ropes, parachutes, and much more!

What do the counselors do during the party?

We have active and fun coordinators who will jump start the party for you. They have an organized list of age-appropriate games and activities to make sure the kids, and the parents, will enjoy themselves. If you have game suggestions as well, feel free to let us know!

Are the kids going to be safe on the sand?

Yes. We have staff and coordinators who know First Aid CPR & are AED Trained. We have an eye wash station, first aid kit, and AED ready for use in case of emergencies.

Is there a diaper changing room available?

Yes. We have a Koala Bear Kate® baby changing station located in our handicap restroom.

Don’t forget to bring

Shorts and Tee You will definitely get sweaty

Towels Don't bring too much sand back home with you

Cake We now have a fridge to temporarily store it!

Extra Decorations/Food Check out what other parties have done

Camera Capture all the fun moments!

You may need to bring your own plates, table cloth, cutlery and napkins for Picnic Packages.