Introducing 6Pack’s Official Physiotherapist

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6Pack Beach is pleased to be working with Travis Dodds (, our official in-house physio. Travis will be helping us offer the highest standard of on-site volleyball physiotherapy services for select tournaments and events. This means you’ll be treated like a pro athlete and get access to taping, kinesiotaping, sport-specific functional screening, sport massage, manual therapy, ice and more.

Travis is currently the head therapist for UBC Women’s Volleyball and has 3 years experience working in this role with varsity volleyball teams. Travis has coached volleyball for a number of years and he also offers services to clubs and teams throughout the lower mainland. He also works on site with major tournaments such as U17/18 Nationals where over 4000 athletes competed in three days of intense volleyball. Beyond this, he is often out in the community working major events in a variety of sports.

Visit for more info, or for a chance to get started on your own individual rehab and prehab program. Prevent injuries. Recover faster. Perform like a champion!

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