How To Start Playing Beach Volleyball In Vancouver

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Are you new to Vancouver? Or have you always wanted to start playing this awesome sport that is both competitive and social?

Here are some tips on how to get started:

1. If you are brand new to volleyball, be prepared for a tough learning curve.
2. Find where people are playing and don’t be afraid to ask to join them.

Some of the best beaches to play on are Spanish East, Spanish West, English Bay, Kitsilano and 6 Pack Beach.  On all beaches except for 6 Pack Beach, net’s and balls are not included.  But volleyball regulars will have several nets set up at the outdoor beaches.

Spanish East – There are 10 courts on this beach.  The best days to pick-up are Friday evenings, Saturday all day and Sunday all day.  This beach is mostly intermediate players that play 2’s and 4’s.  There will be some beginner and recreational courts.

Spanish West – There are 10 courts on this beach.  This is a great option to check out if you’re a beginner and/or recreational player.  Competitive and intermediate players will also choose West when Spanish east is being used by leagues or tournaments.  This beach is a good one to check out any day of the week.

English Bay – There are 2 courts on this beach.  There isn’t always people playing on these courts.  However, Sundays is a known day for intermediate – competitive 2’s players to play

Kitsilano – There are 8 courts on this beach.  Some of the most competitive beach volleyball players in Vancouver play and train on this beach.  Great place for college level players or seasoned/competitive beach volleyball players to find people to play against.  You will find some beginners on this beach as well later in the evening on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as later in the evening Monday, Tuesday and Fridays.

6 Pack Beach – 5 Volleyball courts, equipment and balls included in drop-in.  Thursday nights is a great place to start off, it is a social volleyball night catered towards people that want play volleyball and have fun.  Open all year round.  As the weather gets colder outside, it only gets hotter inside at 6 Pack Beach.

3. Learn how to play by joining a clinic

6 Pack Beach offers volleyball clinics year round.  Volleyball BC will run their outdoor beach volleyball clinics starting in April and running to mid August.

4. Join a League

In the summer, there are many different groups that run leagues.  Find one that is right for you.  League registration being as early as March and and league play starts in April.

6 Pack Beach – Play beach volleyball without worrying about the weather.  Balls and all equipment is included in the league and players never have to set-up or take down the nets.  Change rooms and warm showers are also an added bonus.  Not to mention this is the most affordable league in the summer.  However, one drawback is that you can’t expect to get a tan.

Volleyball BC – These leagues are ran on some of the best locations in Vancouver on Kitsilano and Spanish East.  They run 2s, 4s and 6s from Monday – Thursdays.  League registration often fills up quickly so keep an eye out on those registration links in March.

Urban Rec –  Urban Rec’s leagues emphasizes on fun.  They offer 4’s and 6’s leagues but no 2’s.  They use Jericho beach along with a variety of “urban” beaches such as UBC, River District and their main one just off of Terminal St near Main Station.  The drawbacks to this league is that sand at the urban beaches is quite shallow and it is the most expensive league in town.

5. Source out Facebook Groups

Many people organize group drop-in nights or set-up nets at the beaches on week nights and weekends.  These groups are friendly and social.  Post a message in these groups to find people that are the same skill level, or join a group that sets up on the weekend.

6. Enter Tournaments

There are tournaments that run on almost every weekend for all skill levels.

Competitive Men’s 2s

  • KBVA
  • Volleyball BC

Competitive Women’s 2s

  • Volleyball BC

Competitive 4’s

  • Urban Rec

Recreational 4’s and 6’s

  • Urban Rec

Co-ed 2’s

  • TFC Volleyball

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