Fresh New League Formats for Fall 2012

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There are 4 new league formats coming to 6 Pack this fall.

  1. Free For All 4’s – This format will allow teams to have any ratio of guys and girls on their team.  We will even be allowing teams of all guys or all girls.  The net height will be Junior Boys.  Girls can block guys and guys can block girls.  There are 20 possible spots and teams will be seeded to play teams that are most competitive to their level after the first night.  Register Now
  2. Corporate 6’s – This is our recreational 6’s league.   This is a casual recreational league for companies and co-ed 6 players alike to play, socialize and have fun.  Register with friends or register with your company name and receive $100 worth of facility perks.  Register Now
  3.  Co-ed 4’s for Recreational-Intermediate and Beginners – This league is for teams with 2 or more players that are just starting out and want to play in a fun but safe environment.  Men are not allowed to block women.  No spike serving.  Each team must have 2 guys and 2 girls.  Subs are allowed.  Register Now
  4. Competitive 4’s – This is our most competitive league.  This league is reserved for A/AA players, no beginners allowed.  Guys can block girls and spike serves are allowed.  Two league night Options: Late Monday Competitive 4’s : Tuesday Competitive 4’s
If you’re an individual looking to meet people to form a team, join us for our Individuals Night

For King/Queen and Regular Co-ed 4’s check out our league page

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