What are the benefits of team building for your staff and company?

Bring your staff to the beach to learn how to successfully work together while learning good communication skills and letting out some stress.

Proactive leaders and organizations use team building to rally up their employees in ways to improve productivity and morale back into the workplace.

Team building can be beneficial to companies of all sizes.

Some of the key benefits to successful team building at 6Pack Indoor Beach Center are:

  1. Better collaboration and communication
  2. Reduced conflict
  3. Employees will feel important and valued
  4. Ego’s will be lost
  5. Greater sense of group and team spirit
  6. More positive and upbeat work environment
  7. Less power and turf struggles
  8. Leaders and employees can have fun together

Our one of a kind centrally located venue can host a variety of different events to boost morale.   Here are some popular team building activities.

Check out our corporate team building event video:


Any Question please contact Lisa Tam, lisa@6packbeach.com

Games and Activities:

  • Beach volleyball (counselors can help with mini tournaments)
  • Beach soccer
  • Beach dodge ball
  • Beach tennis
  • Beach frisbee/ultimate
  • Bocce
  • Slacklines (by request)
  • Sand sculpting clinics and competitions taught by Sandemons 
  • Sports day games: 3-legged races, wheelbarrow races, tug of war, water balloon toss, obstacles course
  • Boot camps
  • Archery Tag (is extra charge)

Also Available: