Beach Volleyball Training Clinics

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The best way to improve your volleyball skills is by joining a training clinic.  We offer clinics for all skill levels, from beginners to advance players.

If you are just starting out check out our Beginner Clinics.  These clinics are catered towards players that have less than 2 years of playing experience and have had no formal training.

If you have been playing volleyball for 2+ years and play on a regular basis but have had little to no formal training, join our lower-intermediate group on Sundays.  This group is also great for those that have done our beginner clinics before and are looking for more of a challenge.

For upper intermediate players to advance co-ed players, we offer a co-ed clinic on Sundays.  The advance player is someone who has 5+ years of beach volleyball playing experience and plays volleyball on a consistent basis with previous formal training.  The advance Sunday Co-ed Clinic focuses on improving basic skills while teaching a more tactical aspect of the volleyball game.

Lastly, on Saturday mornings we are offerering 2 new training clinics; a Men-only and a Women-only clinic for those looking to take their game to the next level.  These clinics focus on the beach volleyball 2’s system and the proper game play.  Players entering these clinics must have good basic skills and fundamentals.

Click here for a list of our clinics.

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