Archery Tag Rules

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Standard Archery Tag Game Rules:


  1. Tag to eliminate all opposing players until no one is left or at end of round.
  2. Shoot out opposing side’s 5-Spot Target.  Team with fewest missing targets at the end of the round.

Game Size:

Minimum: 4 V 4 Skirmish
Maximum: 8 V 8 Skirmish

Based on 1 hour booking


  • Official Archery Tag Bow and Arrow Kit  (No outside bows or arrows allowed of any kind)
  • Face Mask and Arm Guard (Staff approved outside mask allowed)
  • Bunkers and Obstacles
  • 5-Spot Target
  • No shoes allowed on sand courts


Game Set-up:

Two opposing sides across from each other with a 10 feet safe zone separating both sides.

Safe Zone:

Players may not shoot from or be hit within the safe zone.
Players may not cross to the opposing side during regulation play.
Players may retrieve arrows within safety zone but must return to their side.

How to Play:

Each team is to stay on their own side of the playing field and CANNOT cross onto opponents side at any time during regulation play.

A “tagged player” is made when an arrow hits any part of the body from an opposing player on the opposing side’s zone.
Tagged players must wait on the side, mask must still be worn at all times when in playing field.

Tagged players can re-enter the game in two ways (only one teammate can re-enter for each occurrence):

  1. A teammate catches an arrow in flight. If a teammate makes contact with an arrow and fails to catch it, he/she are eliminated.
  2. A teammate knocks out one of the opposing 5-spot targets

Ricochets do not count as hits.

Have FUN! Enjoy and respect everyone.

 *Minimum recommended age to play is 12+ years old.

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