6Pack Staff Feature: Steve Chaisson!

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Do you play in leagues or drop ins at 6Pack? If yes, you must have seen our Facility Supervisor Steve Chaisson around! Steve was one of our first employees to join the 6Pack family when we first started up. His signature meal that he brings to work is consistently Butter Chicken from Papa Daves. Steve also teaches Clinics here and is an avid car fan. You’ll usually see him in a sleeveless tee if he’s out there accepting beach volleyball challenges! 6 Packers allow us to introduce to you Steve! Stevecollage

1. Where in the world do you come from?

Ladner, British Columbia, Canada

2. What brought you to 6Pack?

A buddy of mine wanted to play one night soon after opening, I loved it and started volunteering.

3. What’s your favorite thing about 6Pack?

The personal experience that you can have with customers that you can’t have at other jobs.

4. Whats one thing not many people know about you?

My dream is to race cars for a living.

5. Who is your favorite super hero or villain? Who would you choose to be?

Superhero: Gambit (X-Men) because I’ve always thought he was so cool and chill. I also envied his swagger and accent.
Villain: Loki (Thor) because of his general awesomeness.
        I would want to be Gambit because I’ve wanted to be him since I was a child

6. If you had a choice of having a special ability or power, what would it be??

I don’t know if this counts but I would like to be able to freeze time (like Zack Morris from Saved by The Bell)

7. Name one 6Packer that you like and why.

Dan Caverly. He’s fully devoted and selfless to his job here; and once he’s done we start making videos and having some good laughs.

8. Tell us one of the weirdest things that have happened while you were at 6Pack.

Playing against Martin Reader and Josh Binstock (Mens Olympic Beach Volleyball – Team Canada). Not sure if that’s weird or just surreal.

Do you know Steve? Do you have comments and/or questions for him? Let us know mattng[at]6packbeach.com

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