6Pack Staff Feature: Hannes Krischer

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This week we feature our wonderful coordinator, Hannes, hailing from deutschland Germany! You won’t lose sight of him on busy birthday weekends as you could spot his 6 foot 3 inch frame anywhere at 6Pack! Hannes has been working with our 6Pack Family for less than a year (2013) and our birthday party hosts have loved him. Although many parents can’t remember how to pronounce OR spell Hannes’ name, we’ve received a number of excellent reviews praising “this German guy… or Hamis?” on coordinating such fun and inclusive parties!

6 Packers allow us to introduce to you Hannes!

1. Where in the world do you come from?

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

2. What brought you to 6Pack?

My passion for playing beach volleyball

3. What’s your favorite thing about 6Pack?

This lovely beach community, the different birthday customers and our co-workers atmosphere create a unique work environment.

4. Whats one thing not many people know about you?

Back in school, I just managed it to pass English classes. I hated it and now I’m living in a country where English is spoken.

5. Who is your favourite super hero or villain? And who would you choose to be?

Actually I always preferred doing sports rather than playing to be a Superhero when I was a child, but I can still remember “Kamehameha” (Goku from Dragon Ball)

6. If you had a choice of having a special ability or power, what would it be ?

I really love skydiving, so I´d love to be able to fly.

7. Name one 6Packer that you like and why.

Even if she´s not a 6Packer anymore, it´s definitely Mal, since we had a lot of fun. Once I stole her ice cake and I believe she didn´t get over it. That is definitely the real reason she quit and not her visa expiry!

8. Tell us one of the weirdest things that have happened while you were at 6Pack.

I’d say those kids who said, “Why are you talking so weird?” and meant my accent.

Do you know Hannes? Do you have comments and/or questions for him?
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