6Pack Staff Feature: Dan Caverly

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If you don’t know Dan Caverly you don’t know volleyball.

Just kidding. But you may have seen our 6Pack staff, Dan, on TV (TSN) last year at the 2013 Canada Games -taking home the BC GOLD-   OR playing varsity volleyball for the Capilano University Blues Men’s volleyball team. Dan works on Challenge court Tuesdays and frequently makes 6Pack Videos with partner in crime Steve Chaisson. You can see them on our YouTube Channel. When he’s not at 6Pack or at Kits Beach you’ll quite often find him on the LOL cyberworld or maybe on the NintendoDS…

6 Packers allow us to introduce to you Dan!

1. Where in the world do you come from?

Born in Vancouver, my mother is full Chinese and my dad is from Iceland, England and Scotland

2. What brought you to 6Pack?

My love for beach volleyball and the fact that it rains way too much in BC all year round.

3. What’s your favorite thing about 6Pack?

Everyone is generally in a good mood when they are there.  The people coming for drop in, leagues or my co-workers are all really enjoyable people to be around.

4. Whats one thing not many people know about you?

I enjoy chick flicks more than the average female.

5. Who is your favorite super hero or villain? Who would you choose to be?

my favorite superhero was always Spiderman, and for a villain that I thought was cool was magneto.  If I had to choose to be one it would be Spiderman

6. If you had a choice of having a special ability or power, what would it be??

I think the power to teleport would be the best, its just so useful in everyday life.

7. Name one 6Packer that you like and why.

If I was choosing a co-worker it would be Steve because we work every Tuesday together and have a lot of fun.  If I was choosing a regular player I would have to pick Jeremy Laroya for being a fun loving guy.  He doesn’t play leagues anymore when I work but when I do see him he usually has some great stories about his classes to talk about. (Jeremy is a high school teacher)

8. Tell us one of the weirdest things that have happened while you were at 6Pack.

I coordinated a birthday party and none of the kids knew any words to the backstreet boys.  Kids these days have it tough if they haven’t enjoyed music that sums up a decade so well.

Do you know Dan? Do you have comments and/or questions for him?
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