Registration For Session 3 Opens February 6th at 12pm

Questions or want to join an individuals team? Email and indicate which leagues you want to play in!

(Updated Feb 6th)
We need subs! Sub Finder Page]
7:30 PM Co-ed 4's [Recreational 4's - 7:30pm]  March 12th - May 7th (8 Weeks)
9:00 PM Co-ed 4's [Recreational 4's - 9:00pm] March 12th - May 7th (8 Weeks) 
4:30 PM Co-ed 2's [Co-ed 2's] Register to Start Mar 13th (Week 2)
6:00pm & 9:30pm Kings [Kings] - FULL We need subs! [Sub-finder Page]
8:00 PM Co-ed 4s [Competitive 4's - 8:00pm] March 6th - May 8th (10 Weeks) 
6:00pm & 9:30pm Queens [Queens] - FULL We need subs! [Sub-finder Page]
8:00 PM Co-ed 4s

[FFA League - 8:00pm]

Register to Start Mar 14th (Week 2)
5:00 PM 2s [all Coed 2's] March 15th - May 17th (10 Weeks) 
6:30 PM 6s [all coed 6's] March 15th - May 3rd (8 Weeks)  
8:00 PM 6s [all coed 6's]  March 15th - May 3rd (8 Weeks) 




Session 3 Draws

Photos on this page were borrowed from The Richmond Reel - Chris Stanley's 2011 Article: 6 Pack Beach - Beach Volleyball Comes to Richmond!