Co-ed 4’s
League Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 1+2+3
Monday8:30pm-10:30pm 3 Match Co-ed 4’s $640.00 $640.00 $704.00 $1,913.00
Tuesdays8:00pm – 9:30pm co-ed 4’s $648.00 $540.00 $648.00 $1,770.00
Tuesdays9:30pm-11:00pm co-ed 4’s $648.00 $540.00 $648.00 $1,770.00
Wednesday8:00pm – 9:30pm FFA 4’s $540.00 $540.00 $648.00 $1,663.00
Wednesday8:30pm-11:00pm FFA 4’s $540.00 $540.00 $648.00 $1,663.00


Co-ed 6’s
League Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 1+2+3
Thursday6:30pm-8:00pm Co-ed 6’s $720.00 $864.00 $864.00 $2,361.00
Thursday8:00pm-9:30pm Co-ed 6’s $720.00 $864.00 $864.00 $2,361.00


League Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 1+2+3
Tuesdays6:10pm-7:50pm Kings $168.00 $140.00 $168.00 $460.00
Wednesday6:10pm-7:50pm Queens $154.00 $140.00 $168.00 $446.00


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The 2015-2016 League Season will be split into three 10-12 week sessions from September – May.  League players will have the option to register for all 3 sessions during open registration on August 4th or for Session 1 only.  Please keep in mind the following important dates.


  • Priority Registration Period July 28th – 31st
  • Session 1 Open Registration: August 4th at 12pm
  • Session 2 Open Registration: October 27th
  • Session 3 Open Registration: January 26th
  • Volleyball Clinic/Training Registration: August 11th (Clinics start last week of September)
What to expect if you register for all 3 session on August 4th:

Both priority and open registration teams will have the opportunity to secure their spots for all 3 seasons and take advantage of a discount.  We will be using an automatic payment system for those who choose to participate in all 3 season.  Your credit card number will be saved in our system.  The system will take payment for Session 1 and take payment automatically* for Session 2 and 3 on the date of open registration for each respective league.

*Note: Any payments that do not go through, the team will not qualify for registration for that session.  You will be contacted by 6 Pack Staff for an opportunity to rectify.

What if I only want to play Session 2 and 3:

Any spots not filled during the first Open registration on August 4th will be available for single session registration on October 27th and January 26th.  Unfortunately if you do not register for the first season or commit to all 3 seasons, the chances of getting into Session 2 and 3 may be slim for some of our leagues, as players from previous sessions will get priority to register.

Please direct any questions you have to

Cancellation Policy: Any changes or request must be submitted by the team captain (the person who registered the team or single player) to the league coordinator only. We DO NOT issue refunds, however, we do allow teams or singles to transfer leagues/nights before the 1st night of league play provided there is space available to do so. We will do our best to be fair and accommodate your requests.